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Symphony I85 Firmware

Symphony i85 is a Smartphone Model Manufactured by Symphony Mobile, a Bangladeshi Smartphone Brand.If you are Experiencing issues with your Symphony I85 and believe a firmware update is necessary, it is Recommended to Check the Manufacturer’s website for official Firmware Updates and instructions on how to install them. It is also Important to be cautious when installing Firmware Updates, As installing an Incorrect Firmware Version can Cause Further Problems with your Device.


6.6” Display
Resolution:1600*720 (HD+)
5MP AI Dual camera, Auto Focus, Aperture: f2.2
Front : 5MP Fixed Focus
Processor : 1.6 GHz Octa-Core Processor
Chipset : SC9863A1
AndroidTM 12 Go Edition
4050 mAh

To Flash (install) A New Firmware on a Symphony i85 Smartphone, You Would Need The Following:

1. A computer (Windows, Linux, or macOS) with a USB port
2. A USB cable for connecting your phone to the Computer
3. A firmware file for the Symphony i85 in the form of a Scatter file or Firmware Package
4. SP Flash Tool, a software used to Flash the firmware on MediaTek-powered devices
5. Drivers for the Symphony i85 allow the computer to recognize the device
6. Please Note That Flashing New Firmware Can Erase all Data on your device, so it’s essential to back up any Critical data before Proceeding. Additionally, it’s Recommended to follow the steps carefully and not to skip any steps, as incorrect Flashing Can Result in a Bricked Device.

To Remove The Factory Reset Protection (FRP) and Screen Lock From a Symphony i85 Smartphone, You Can Try The Following Steps:

  1. Factory Reset: Perform a Factory Reset From the Device’s Recovery mode. This will erase all data on the phone, including the FRP and screen lock. To access the recovery mode, turn off the phone and press the volume up and power buttons until the logo Appears, then Release both Buttons.
  2. Use a Firmware tool: You can also use a Firmware tool like SP Flash Tool to remove the FRP and screen lock. You will need to download the firmware file for your specific device and then use the firmware tool to flash the device. Be aware that this process can erase all data on your device, so be sure to back up any important data beforehand.
  3. Use a third-party tool: Some third-party tools, such as FRP bypass apps, can help you remove the FRP and screen lock. However, these tools may not work with all devices and can compromise your device’s security.
  4. Please note that these methods can be Complex and carry risks, so it’s Essential to follow the instructions Carefully. If you are Uncomfortable with these steps, it’s best to take your Device to a Professional for Assistance. Additionally, Removing the FRP and screen lock may void your device’s warranty, so be aware of the consequences before Proceeding.

To Remove a Google Account From a Symphony I85 Smartphone, You Can Follow These Steps

  1. Go to the “Settings” app on your Device.
  2. Scroll down to the “Accounts” section and tap on “Google.”
  3. Select the Google Account you want to Remove.
  4. Tap on the three dots in the top Right corner and select “Remove account.”
  5. Confirm the Removal by tapping “Remove account” Again.
  6. The Google Account Should now be Removed from your Device.

Please note that removing a Google account from your device may affect certain apps and services that use that account, so be sure to understand the consequences before proceeding. Additionally, removing a Google account may not necessarily remove the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on the device, so be aware of the potential risks.

Firmware Info:



Without Password

To Use The SPD Upgrade Tool, You will Need to Follow These Steps:

  1. Download and Install the SPD Upgrade Tool on Your Computer.
  2. Download The Firmware for Your Device and Extract it to Your Computer.
  3. Connect Your Device to Your Computer Using a USB Cable.
  4. Open the SPD Upgrade Tool on Your Computer.
  5. Select the Correct Firmware file for your Device and Load it Into The Tool.
  6. Follow The on-Screen Instructions To Flash The Firmware Onto Your Device. Do not Disconnect Your Device or Interrupt The Flashing Process, As This May Cause Damage to Your Device.
  7. Once The Flashing Process is Complete, Your Device Will Automatically Reboot.

It is Important To Note That Flashing Firmware Is a Technical Process and Carries some Risks, Such as Bricking The device (i.e. rendering it unusable). If you are not comfortable with the process or have any concerns, it is Recommended to Seek help From a Professional or to Contact the Manufacturer of your Device for Assistance.

If Your Symphony i85 Smartphone is Not Turning on or is Stuck in a Boot Loop, it is Considered a “dead” or Bricked Device. To Recover The Device, You Can Try The Following Steps:

  • Hard Reset: Perform a Hard Reset by Pressing The volume up and Power Button until the Logo Appears, Then Release Both buttons. If this doesn’t work, repeat the process with the volume-down button.
  • Use SP Flash Tool: If the Hard reset didn’t Work, you could try using SP Flash Tool to install new Firmware on the Device. This Process requires a Firmware file for the Symphony i85, which you can download from a trustworthy source. Be aware that flashing new firmware can erase all data on your device, so be sure to back up any important data beforehand.
  • Take it to a Professional: If the above steps don’t work, it’s best to take your device to a professional technician for assistance. They will be able to diagnose the issue and provide a solution.

Please Note That these steps can be Complex and carry risks, so it’s essential to follow the instructions carefully. If you are unfamiliar with these steps, it’s best to seek help from a professional to avoid potentially damaging your device Further.

Important Notes!

Here are Some Important Notes to Keep in Mind When Attempting to Recover a Bricked Symphony i85 Smartphone:

  1. Back up data: Before Attempting any Recovery Methods, Back up any Critical data on the device to Prevent data Loss.
  2. Follow Instructions Carefully: Make sure to follow the instructions Carefully and not Skip any Steps, as Incorrect Actions can Potentially Cause Further Damage to The Device.
  3. Use a trusted source: When downloading firmware files or tools, use a trusted source to avoid downloading corrupted or malicious files.
  4. Be aware of risks: Recovery Methods such as Flashing new Firmware Can erase all data on the Device, and there is Always a Risk of Further Damaging the device. Be aware of the consequences before proceeding.
  5. Seek professional help: If you are unfamiliar with the recovery process, it’s best to seek help from a professional technician to avoid potentially damaging your device Further.

These are essential considerations to remember when Attempting to recover a bricked Device. It’s Always best to proceed with caution to Prevent further Damage to the device. We test and upload all firmware on our website. So we are not responsible if your Device is lost for any reason.

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